Talybont Project

Talybont is the largest still water reservoir in Wales Brecon Beacons, covering 1.29 KM²

Construction began in 1931 and the reservoir started supplying Newport with treated water in 1939. It now provides water to >200,000 homes.

The reservoir also generates 36KW of power, the scheme which began in 2006 was the first Community hydro-electric scheme in Wales

H&V Fusion were contracted by Lewis Civil Engineering to provide welding services and testing for 500mm SDR11 PE pipe work required for the project.

The works were to provide 5 No, 500mm raw/compensation water feeds from 18m below water level on the reservoir, over the road using temporary bridge to connect to 800mm manifold.

Sections of pipe were joined together using McElroy 500 TracStar machines. Bends for various angles to suit the terrain were manufactured at H&V fabrication workshop.

Lengths of pipe were positioned both above ground and sunken beneath the reservoir connecting to valve sets above the dam.

In all, more that 1200m of pipe were welded on site with all sections tested with no leaks recorded. The pipe work will be in position for around 9 months until remedial works on the old raw water pipe work, that travels through the tunnel in the reservoir service duct, is completed.

H&V would like to thank Lewis Civil Engineering for the opportunity to work on this exciting project.