H&V Fusion were contracted by Hall and Kay to supply and install a 355mm SDR11 FM approved sprinkler main diversion and 180mm SDR11 sprinkler main diversion.

The critical aspect of the project was the timescale involved, as the fire main had to drained down to carry out the work, leaving limited fire cover.

H&V worked closely with Hall and Kay and the Client to limit any risks involved, providing specific contingency plans in the event of any catastrophic failures. Our work involved fabricating specific ‘Z’ shape 355mm SDR11 bend to lower pipe under existing services to allow for final connection onto the ductile iron services we cut.

All works were completed, tested, witnessed and handed over 24 hours ahead of time. Below are some of the photographs showing sections of the works.

Hall and Kay Design/Project Engineer, Joe Sharpe – “Following the completion of Project GSK, I can confidently say working with H&V Fusion and Drilling was an extremely satisfying experience, from the PM down to the onsite engineers, They supported us from start to finish and were very committed with ensuring we met our clients programme which was extremely tight. Without a doubt we will be using H&V Fusion again and look forward to working together on future projects.”